Is it time for the U.S to invade Burma/Myanmar ?

Written by Aris Heru Utomo 

Is it time to invade Burma? Actually the title in TIME should be “Is it time for the U.S to invade Burma? Since only the U.S have capabilities in leading invasion to other countries for a long time periode. Right now the U.S have theirown fleets in the Southeast Asia region and ready to deploy its troops in very short time.

Back to the question, I agree with the opinon of the majority of respondents in a poll counducted by TIME. Almost 72% of the 5857 respondents (as of 13 May, 01.A.M) says no to the option to invade Myanmar to distibute humanitarian aid. The Bush Administration itself has so far rejected the idea and prefer to have permission of Myanmar government.

China itself have the same problems. A powerful earthquake toppled buildings, schools and chemical plants Monday ( 12 May 2008 ) in central China, killing more than 8,700 people and trapping untold numbers in mounds of concrete, steel and earth in the country’s worst quake in three decades. China will focus on its internal affairs than interfere into Myanmar internal affairs. While gaining support from Indonesian militaries will confront a resistance of Indonesia community who are thinking that the U.S will only steads Indonesia to enter Myanmar.

Of course, this policy is totally different with U.S unilateraly actions in Bosnia and Sudan. In both countries, the U.S has facilitated the delivery of humanitarian aid without the government’s consent in places.

Why the U.S looks reluctant to invade Myanmar? Well, geographically Myanmar is in Southeast Asia region and a member of ASEAN. If the U.S take a unilateral action, not only Myanmar government will reject it, but the other ASEAN countries will have strong protest as well.

Referring to the other option, likes pressuring China to use its influence over the the junta and asking support of Thailand and Indonesian militaries to carry out releife missions, I am not quite sure that it will be successfull.

Finally, out of the disaster in Myanmar, Indonesia could take these opportunity for Indonesian national interest by among others: implementing disaster diplomacy and pressure the U.S

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