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64th Indonesian Independece Day

August 16, 2009

Tomorrow morning, 17 Auguts 2009,  Indonesia will celebrate its 64th national indepence day. Hope that Indonesia will be better in the next future. More prosperious dan have dignity in the world. Merdeka !!!


Linggajati Agreement: First Achievement for Indonesian Diplomacy

August 15, 2009


Written Aris Heru Utomo

The Linggajati Agreement was a key political accord in the struggle of Indonesia for Independence. When the Republic of Indonesia proclaimed its independence on August 17, 1945, right after Japanese surrender to the Allies, Colonialist Government of Dutch tried to regain control of the former East Indies by sending more troops to attack Indonesian strongholds. It was noticed that between 1945 and 1949 they undertook two military actions.